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Category: Furniture

How to Ship an Air Mattress

Ship an air mattressAn air mattress, also called airbed, is a sleeping pad that can be inflated to provide soft and temporary surface for resting. When not in use, it can be deflated and rolled or folded for easy storage. Air mattresses are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber.

Because they are portable, air mattresses are ideal companions during camping or can be easily set up for unexpected house guests. Inflated air mattresses are also used as a water toy/flotation device. These mattresses can be inflated by an accompanying electric pump or a manual foot-powered pump when electricity is unavailable. Some modern models even have automatic inflation features just by opening the valve. Read more →

How to Ship a Pachinko Machine

Ship a Pachinko MachineThe pachinko is a popular arcade game which is a cross between a slot machine and pinball. The game originated in Japan and is played by launching an 11-mm (1/2-inch) chrome or polished steel ball into a field of pins and letting it cascade down to special holes that may trigger the release of more balls. The object of the game is to capture as many balls as possible which can then be exchanged for tokens or prizes. The game is usually played in a pachinko parlor.

Pachinko machines have various designs and different ways of operating. Old machines usually launch balls mechanically while modern ones launch balls electronically apart from offering a myriad of other features that enhance the gaming experience. The game is said to be very entertaining, addicting even, which prompted many enthusiasts to collect their own machines. Read more →

How to Ship a Hutch

ship a hutchA hutch, also called a hutch dresser, is a piece of home furniture with a table or cabinet base and a set of shelves or more cabinets on top. Hutches are usually made from wood and may have a mirror in the back of the upper shelving to give the additional appearance of depth to better display fineries such as figurines, china,  and other tableware. Cabinet doors on the top portion of hutches are usually made from glass to easily display items and protect them from dust and the elements.

Modern hutches feature sleek lines, simple designs and can be made from veneered wood. Antique ones are usually very ornate and made from solid timber. Whether shipping modern or antique hutches, proper packing is a must to ensure that these bulky and heavy furniture arrive intact and free from damage. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship a hutch. Read more →

How to Ship a Gaming Chair

Ship a gaming chairA gaming chair is a legless, upholstered, and usually curved or L-shaped seat used when playing video games. It is designed to provide players comfort and ensure hours of gaming without aching posteriors.

Some models contain built-in electronic devices like loudspeakers and vibration to enhance the video game experience. Others have the ability to rock or slide, and feature pockets for conveniently storing different types of controllers and other gaming essentials. Read more →

How to Ship a High Chair

Ship a high chairA high chair is a very useful furniture that makes feeding infants and toddlers easier and more comfortable for both the child and the adult. This type of chair is typically designed to have a wide base to make it stable and usually  comes with a detachable tray where food can be placed for either the child to eat on his own or for easier spoon feeding. Some models have seat belts to strap the child in to avoid falls and other accidents.

High chairs are usually made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic and aluminum. They are also light-weight to make them easy to move around or set aside when not in use. Newer models feature adjustable seats and foot rests so that they can be used even as the child grows. There are also high chairs that are foldable for portability and easy storage. Read more →

How to Ship a Tray Table

Ship a Tray TableA tray table is a portable table made from a tray mounted on folding legs. It is usually made from light-weight materials such as wood, plastic and aluminum and can be easily moved around to suit a variety of uses.

Apart from enjoying meals while watching television in the living room, a tray table can also be used as a side table in the bedroom, an extra surface in the kitchen or as a temporary desk for your laptop. They also come in a variety of styles that could fit any interior. Read more →

How to Ship a Ping Pong Table

Ship a Ping Pong TableTable tennis, also known as ping pong, is a popular sport played by two or four participants. It is a fun form of exercise that stimulates mental alertness, develops concentration and sharpen reflexes. It is also a very safe physical activity and can be played all year round, day or night, indoors or outdoors (as long as weather allows).

Apart from the paddle and ball, another important equipment in playing this sport is the ping pong table. Standard ping pong tables are 2.74 m (9 ft) long, 1.525 m (5 ft) wide, and 76 cm (30 inch) high, divided into two halves by a 15.25 cm (6 inch) high net. Commercially available ones come in a variety of formats that can be easily assembled or disassembled for portability or easy storage. Depending on the manufacturer, setting up or knocking down a ping pong table can be as simple as unfolding/folding the legs or as complicated as dealing with numerous nuts and bolts. Read more →

How to Ship a Nightstand

Ship a NightstandA nightstand, also called night table or bedside table, is a small table designed to stand beside a bed. It is an essential piece of bedroom furniture which is very useful in keeping nightly essentials like reading glasses, telephone or medication within easy reach, eliminating the need to get out of bed when you need such items.

This furniture can be as simple as a four-legged pedestal or can be utilitarian, equipped with drawers or cabinets. The nightstand is also an ideal surface to place a lamp for nighttime reading and an alarm clock or can serve as a storage for reading materials and other personal effects. Nightstands can come as pairs but they can also be mixed and matched depending on the bedroom’s interior design. Read more →