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Category: Clothing

How to Ship Leather Clothing

ship leather clothingLeather has become more than just the material of choice for jackets, handbags and shoes. The luxurious material has also found its way into a vast array of trendy clothing items such as bustiers, pants, skirts, shorts and dresses. Used sparingly, these items can add edge and sophistication to an ensemble.

Leather is a delicate, not to mention expensive, material that requires proper care to maintain its appeal. When shipping clothing items made from leather, they must be properly packed to protect them against damage during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship leather clothing. Read more →

How to Ship a Sweater

Ship a SweaterSweaters are typically knitted garments worn during cold weather. They are traditionally made from wool, but can also come in different materials such as cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination thereof. Because of their fluffy materials, sweaters can be very bulky articles of clothing.

When shipping sweaters, they must be properly folded and packed to protect them from damage and keep them in manageable sizes. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a sweater. Read more →

How to Ship Golf Shoes

Ship Golf ShoesAside from golf balls and clubs, golf shoes are another important equipment in playing the sport. These shoes differ from other sporting footwear as they have spikes attached on the soles which aim to increase traction and help a  player keep his/her balance during the swing or while walking on greens or wet course.

The spikes used to be made of metal but complaints from groundskeepers about the damage they cause on greens prompted golf shoe manufacturers to introduce plastic spikes, also known as “soft spikes,” which make the shoes more comfortable and less damaging to the playing surface. These spikes are usually replaceable and can be screwed on and off the soles. Today, many golf courses have banned metal spikes, allowing only plastic spikes during play. Read more →

How to Ship Pajamas

Ship pajamasPajamas make great idea for anyone looking for a simple gift that anybody, male, female, young or old, will enjoy. They are no longer just sleepwear but has also become popular loungewear.

Also called PJs, jimjams or jammies, these garments typically come in two pieces, top and matching trousers, both loose fitting and designed for comfort. They are available in a variety of styles and designs, including sets in solid colors and printed patterns. They can be made from a variety of fabrics  that will suit any season such as cotton, silk, satin, flannel, polyester and Lycra. Read more →

How to Ship Swimsuits

Ship swimsuitsSwimsuits come in a wide range of styles and materials for men, women and children for use during recreational swimming, sports or other water-based activities. Some swimsuits are designed for specific water sports such as competitive swimming,  water polo, diving, surfing and water skiing.

Most swimsuits are made from lightweight, non-absorbent and quick drying fabrics such as nylon, cotton, spandex and polyester, making them easy to pack and ship. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship swimsuits to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition. Read more →

How to Pack and Ship Bras

Ship brasBras are essential items in a woman’s wardrobe. A good-fitting bra can improve posture, make a woman a look slimmer and boost her self-confidence.

Bras come in a variety of types designed for specific use and can be made from different fabrics such as cotton and luxurious silk. They can be soft, padded or under-wired and can be decorated with lace and ribbons. Prices of bras can range from affordable department store finds to expensive designer brands. Read more →

How to Ship Dress Pants and Trousers

Ship Dress PantsDress pants and trousers are basic clothing items for both men and women. Unlike jeans which are rugged in appearance, trousers are usually made from lighter fabric and worn at the workplace or during formal occasions.

Because of the material used, such as linen, silk and polyester, dress pants tend to be more easily creased or damaged than sturdier jeans which are usually made from denim. When shipping pants, they must be properly folded and packed to ensure that they arrive without damage and with as little crease as possible. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship dress pants. Read more →

How to Ship Belts

Ship beltsApart from its functionality, a belt can also be a versatile accessory that can complete an outfit or update a look. Belts can be made from a variety of materials such as leather, silk, plastic, elastic band, metal and others. They come in an array of designs, colors and textures to match a certain look and can be wide or narrow, fastened with a buckle or secured with a knot.

Belts make great gifts for all ages, male or female, young or old. Sending them is also easy beause they can be simply placed in an envelope or box. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship belts to ensure that they arrive in excellent condition. Read more →