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Best Practices When Shipping Packag...

Apart from ensuring that items to be shipped are well-packed within their boxes and have very low chance of getting damaged while in transit, other im...

save on shipping

Shipping on a Budget

Shipping items on a regular basis can put a dent on your wallet. The key is to pack the item properly to avoid costly damages. Here are some tips on h...

H-Taping Method

Packing & Shipping 101: H-Tapi...

Apart from using appropriate boxes, packing materials and proper packing techniques, it is also essential to seal a package properly to ensure that it...

Alternative Packing Materials

Alternative Packing Materials

Commercially available packing materials, such as bubble wrap, air pillows and packing peanuts can get very expensive. Furthermore, they take forever ...

How to Ship Workout Gloves

Ship workout glovesWorkout gloves, also called weightlifting gloves, are essential equipment for individuals who are into bodybuilding, weightlifting or any form of weight training. These gloves, which are available for both men and women, provide better grip and support, prevent blisters or calluses from forming, and keep the hands dry, preventing nasty injuries due to sweaty hands.

The gloves are usually made from leather, which offers excellent support, or neoprene, which is great for moisture prevention. While fully covered workout gloves are available, the fingerless style is more popular because it allows the hands to breathe and stops them from becoming too sweaty. Read more →

How to Ship a Camera Tripod

Ship a camera tripodIn photography, a tripod is a three-legged device used to stabilize and elevate a camera, a flash unit, or other photographic equipment. It is usually made from light-weight and sturdy material such as aluminum, carbon fiber, steel or plastic.

Tripods are typically comprised of a central post, with three collapsible telescoping legs and a head at the top that attaches to the camera. Travel tripods are specially  designed to be compact, portable and light-weight to give the photographer the freedom to travel and carry his tripod for extended periods. Read more →

How to Ship Foldable Flat Shoes

Ship Foldable Flat ShoesFoldable ballet flats are all the rage these days. They are comfortable, versatile and stylish alternative to flip flops when your feet need rest from heels. Light-weight and compact, they can be easily folded (or rolled) up, placed inside a protective pouch and slipped into a purse when you need to change back into more formal shoes. Keep a pair in your car’s glove compartment or in your desk drawer at work so you’re ready to roll when your killer heels become a pain.

These footwear are usually made from a variety of materials such as leather, suede, denim and canvas, in vibrant designs including solid colors, metallic and even animal prints! They usually come with a carrying pouch to prevent dirt from invading your purse! The pouch in some models opens out into a larger bag for easily carrying your discarded heels home after changing into your flats. Read more →

How to Ship Arrows

Ship ArrowsArrows are essential equipment in the sports of archery and hunting. They typically consist of a shaft with an arrowhead attached to the front end and with fletchings and a nock attached to the other end.

Some arrows has a sharpened tip on the shaft which serves as the arrowhead while others have separate arrowheads made usually from metal, stone or ather hard materials. Shafts are typically composed of solid wood, bamboo, fiberglass, aluminium alloy, carbon fiber, or other composite materials. Fletchings are traditionally made from feathers but this sheets of plastic are common in modern arrows. Read more →

How to Ship an Air Mattress

Ship an air mattressAn air mattress, also called airbed, is a sleeping pad that can be inflated to provide soft and temporary surface for resting. When not in use, it can be deflated and rolled or folded for easy storage. Air mattresses are usually made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), textile-reinforced urethane plastic or rubber.

Because they are portable, air mattresses are ideal companions during camping or can be easily set up for unexpected house guests. Inflated air mattresses are also used as a water toy/flotation device. These mattresses can be inflated by an accompanying electric pump or a manual foot-powered pump when electricity is unavailable. Some modern models even have automatic inflation features just by opening the valve. Read more →

How to Ship a Steam Cleaner

Ship a Steam CleanerSteam cleaners are all the rage at the moment as they are proven to be effective cleaning appliances that use steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize surfaces. They are cited as examples of green cleaning because they do not require the use of detergents and harsh chemical solutions, thus, making them environment friendly and cost-efficient.

There are many types of steam cleaners including handheld, mop and cylinder. Handheld models are portable and useful for small areas such as kitchen counters, hobs, windows and upholstery. The mop type has a long handle and used primarily for cleaning floors. Read more →

How to Ship Leather Clothing

ship leather clothingLeather has become more than just the material of choice for jackets, handbags and shoes. The luxurious material has also found its way into a vast array of trendy clothing items such as bustiers, pants, skirts, shorts and dresses. Used sparingly, these items can add edge and sophistication to an ensemble.

Leather is a delicate, not to mention expensive, material that requires proper care to maintain its appeal. When shipping clothing items made from leather, they must be properly packed to protect them against damage during transit. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship leather clothing. Read more →

How to Ship a Camping Tent

Ship a Camping TentA tent is an essential equipment which provides comfortable shelter when hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Tents used for recreational camping are typically light-weight and collapsible, making them easy to carry by strapping them on backpacks.

Camping tents come in a variety of styles and sizes that can accommodate a single or multiple users. They are usually comprised of a flysheet made from waterproof material, dismantable poles which hold the tent in the required shape, stakes or tent pegs used to fasten the tent to the ground, and a carrying/storage bag. This type of tents can usually be pitched (assembled) and disassembled easily and quickly. Some models have spring-loaded poles and can be pitched in seconds. Read more →