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Protecting Shipments From Water Damage

Protecting Shipments From Water Dam...

Water or moisture damage to items being shipped can be caused by a myriad of factors including condensation, exposure to rain or leaks from other pack...

Packing Items for Shipping

6 Factors to Consider When Packing ...

The key to successfully shipping an item from Point A to Point B is to ensure that it is well protected from factors that can cause damage during tran...

Right Size Box for Shipping

Packing & Shipping Tip: How to...

Boxes are the most popular containers for shipping. The hard and sturdy walls of a shipping box protect items from getting compressed when heavy packa...

Packing Guideline for International Shipping

Packing Guideline for International...

Shipping items abroad requires a little more care and effort than if they were being sent domestically. Remember that your package will not only be ha...

How to Ship a Rear-View Mirror

Ship a Rear-View MirrorA rear-view mirror is an important component of an automobile. It conveniently allows the driver to see what’s in the rear seat or behind the vehicle without turning his head. The rear view mirror is usually made of a piece of mirror mounted on a plastic frame with a bracket. It can either be attached to the vehicle’s windshield or the roof.

Because of its fragile nature, a rear-view mirror must be properly packed prior to shipping to prevent breakage, scratches and other damage. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a rear-view mirror. Read more →

How to Ship Luxury Goods

How to Ship Luxury GoodsAuctioning or trading luxury goods such as designer handbags, high-end timepieces and jewelry has become a lucrative business to collectors and enthusiasts. While many are apprehensive of using the postal service to send such high value items, it is actually a very economical and safe method of shipping. Here is a step by step guide to shipping luxury goods by Registered Mail.

Whether sending a bag or a piece of jewelry, make sure that it is well wrapped with bubble wrap and securely encased in a box. Fill the box with packing materials (bubble wrap, packing peanuts) to prevent the item from moving around. Remember that the package can encounter very rough treatment during shipping. The more packaging material between the items and box the better. Read more →

Pet Shipping: Choosing the Right Pet Kennel

Shipping Pets - choosing pet kennelWhether you opted for land or air transportation for your pet, using an appropriate kennel is important to keep the animal safe, comfortable and easily handled by shipping personnel during transit. Furthermore, a crate that your pet has gone accustomed to will minimize stress brought about by the transportation process. Here are some guidelines on choosing the right pet crate.

Choose a pet kennel that is large enough to comfortable accommodate your pet. The crate should allow space for the animal to sit, stand, lie down, and turn around with ease. Pets are best shipped in individual crates. While there are kennels that can accommodate several animals at once, it is best to keep the animals separated with dividers to give them comfortable space. Pug-nosed pets should be placed in a much larger crate than their size to help them breathe breathe properly. Read more →

Protecting Shipments From Water Damage

Protecting Shipments From Water DamageWater or moisture damage to items being shipped can be caused by a myriad of factors including condensation, exposure to rain or leaks from other packages and many others. While we’d like to think that shipping personnel do their best to keep our packages safe and sound, the condensation at the back of the truck or the leakage caused by an improperly packaged item is beyond their control.

We can’t also blame them if they have to run in the middle of torrential rains just to deliver our package from their truck to the recipient’s doorstep. Or if they are forced to leave the box outside the door, exposed to the elements, because nobody was around to receive the delivery. Read more →

How to Ship a Bisque Doll

How to ship a bisque dollAntique doll collecting is a lucrative hobby. One of the most popular antique dolls are bisque dolls or those with heads and extremities made from fragile porcelain. Common to these types of dolls are those with sleep eyes mechanisms, which allow their eyes to close and open depending on the doll’s position.

Attached to a bisque doll’s glass eyes are metal weights that closes the eyes when the doll is lying on its back and open them when the doll is in upright position. Apart from the fact that the porcelain parts are extremely fragile, bisque dolls must be handled with utmost care as movements might make the metal weights sway forcefully and shatter the fragile head. Thus, it is essential that proper packing precautions are observed when transporting or shipping a bisque doll. Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship a bisque doll to ensure that it arrives safely and in excellent condition. Read more →

How to Ship a Check Via Mail

How to ship a checkSending a check via mail is generally safe. It used to be a popular payment method when online banking and electronic payment became the easier, quicker and less worrisome choice. Today, mailing checks is still a reliable way to send payment. However, caution must be practiced when shipping a check to ensure that don’t get lost or en-cashed by thieves. Here are some tips on how to ship a check and keep your money safe.

Name the check to a specific payee. Make sure that the check has a specific name of a person or business. This will make it harder for anybody else to en-cash the money. Avoid mailing checks payable to Cash at all cost. That’s just as risky as sending cash. Read more →

6 Factors to Consider When Packing Items for Shipping

Packing Items for ShippingThe key to successfully shipping an item from Point A to Point B is to ensure that it is well protected from factors that can cause damage during transit. By knowing the various factors that can damage your shipment, you can avoid such costly accidents by ensuring that your goods are well-packed and protected before you send them to their destination. Here are the 6 factors that can cause damage to an improperly packed item.

Dropping. Packages can fall while being handled by machinery or shipping personnel. Make sure that fragile items are well-cushioned to protect them against impact from drops and falls. Read more →

How to Ship a Globe

Ship a GlobeA globe, more accurately terrestrial globe or geographical globe, is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth. Traditionally, globes were made from printed paper map glued onto a wooden sphere. Today, globes are usually made from two pieces of printed thermoplastic which are heated using hemispherical molds. The two hemispheres are then joined to form a complete globe.

Globes come in a variety sizes and forms as well as in materials used. There are antique globes that are made from precious metals, crystal, glass marble and ornate wood. Modern globes are usually made from materials that are both strong and lightweight such as cardboard, plastic, and metal. Globes are usually mounted on a stand at a 23.5° angle on a meridian, represents the angle of the planet in relation to its sun and the spin of the planet. This makes it easy to visualize how days and seasons change. Read more →